Sunday, February 15, 2015


Sometimes we are sent angels
we do not always recognize them
sometimes they look human
or the flight of a bird reminds us
of their presence
today an angel visited me
and told me a story of how his life was 5 years ago
that a stranger had given him $100 just as a gift
this person who came today
is actually a friend of yours
someone who wants to put in a window for me
he told me of the gift he got 5 years ago
to my astonishment
he handed me $500
and told me to finish the room that RIck and I had started
I can't get over being astonished
that a complete stranger would reach out like that to me
I know the lesson is
to be more like this person
I will do my best

Thank your for sending both carpenters my direction......our chance meeting on the beach this summer has led me to believe that nothing is really chance after all

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