Sunday, February 8, 2015


Grief, a word that goes beyond description
we learn how much we love someone
how deep and profound
especially after they are gone
Rick would have loved our adventure
with Moses and Indigo and blind Emmie Lou
Good behavior from all dogs
and Emmie acted like the beach was her new stomping ground
Ocean tears and human ones today
such a profound conversation with my niece Emily Ecker
I am so grateful she feels I made a difference
for both her and Alex Ecker
I feel that maybe I can make a difference
make Rick proud of my strength that is a daily struggle
and holding that small flame of hope
that I still have reasons to make differences in lives
Missing him is so much more than I expected
it becomes so clear to me each day
his sheer acceptance of me and that is the gift
he keeps sending to me
Spring peepers are just the certain reminder
that life does continue on
it is so different and sometimes so difficult
I worry that I can withstand it
Then I can hear him telling me not to worry
to recall peaceful thoughts and to keep creating
and loving when I can and to always be thankful
for him helping me make good choices

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