Friday, February 13, 2015

Sorrow song

I wake with sorrow
heavy in my heart
a slowing of my whole being
then the memory
that Indigo now sleeps on his pillow
and Moses guards the bottom of the bed
I feel that Rick too is guarding me
trying when he can
to guide me and to soothe
my anguish in small miracle ways

as a reminder
I will try to remember when I might have smiled
or thought of him with a memory
that fills my heart with sheer joy
He brought so much to me
and I need to keep that present
in my every action for myself
and most importantly
for others

I am so blessed
with those who have been guiding
and caring for me
remembering Julie's birthday
and the tears I shed this morning
when I realized that Stump stick had died

Right now I hope to learn
to appreciate each kind gesture
and find ways to reciprocate the love
that is around me

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