Saturday, February 28, 2015


I think of going back to PA
how hard it is to imagine
my husband's horse Miakoda (power of the moon)
never knowing the soft touch
or whisper of Rick Page
I can recall like yesterday
this young painted colt
abused and hungry
walking up to Rick with trust in his horse heart
Watching Glenn a horse trainer
and his wife, my friend, Ginny Brown
putting the two of them in a round pen together
It was like watching magic happen
Miakoda's large eye on Rick
Their movement together
until they walked as one
no halter, no lead rope
Beautiful body communication without words
Miakoda was Rick's 40th birthday present
he claimed this horse was the best gift ever
Watching the connection
was a mystery and somehow made me love Rick more
Later, there was always that magic
Miakoda knew Rick's truck
and would be at the gate in an instant
waiting for the rustle of the peppermint
that Rick would hide in his pocket
It will be hard to go back to PA
whisper in a horse's heart
your owner is not coming back
but he will watch over you
until it is time for you two to be together once again

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