Sunday, August 16, 2015

Milky Way

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    At yoga today
    Lori said, live each day like you are dying
    I found myself in tears
    hot salt running down my face
    as my partner was helping me to stretch
    and maybe that is the point
    I need to stretch and grow
    finally beginning to glimpse what Rick Page
    so simply said
    "Be happy"
    finding myself looking at an angel drawing
    a first grader did for me months ago
    with big green letters: BE HAPPY
    Tonight, my great nieces and great nephew
    hunting ghost crabs
    under the gorgeous gaze of the Milky Way glow
    Noah, a bold three year old
    holding a flashlight
    excited to see a ghost crab the size of a half penny
    My eyes, just catching that quick movement
    his excitement at finding something on his own
    he holds my hand
    his striped shorts wet from warm waters lapping at his short legs
    the four of us head back to the ocean cottage
    Julianna, his oldest sister lifts him over a chair
    his proud cry" I am just a little man"
    and he is so much more than even me
    innocent, kind and above all
    living each moment
    with breathless anticipation and joy
    we reach together to touch the milky way sky
    his warm hand in mine
    and for a moment I feel love flow through us
    I am grateful and feel a pang of joy
    It will be a good two weeks rediscovering
    self and others

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