Thursday, August 20, 2015


Today my niece and great niece
sat under the dark green leaves
of my giant magnolia tree
swinging softly on a half rotten swing
Noah, who is three pointed to my house
"her house looks like a garage"
he proclaimed
and B suggested a mural above my house entrance
thinking of the joy and love Rick Page and I put into our work
I agree a mural or sign is a great idea
My teal green bear riding on the back of a great blue heron
stars dangling from the reins
and since the name Waking Bear Studio
actually means "Awakening of the unconscious"
it finally feels appropriate after a year
to find myself waking from this stupor
a kiss from the three year old seals the deal
so a mural it shall be
a few shooting stars to add a little magic
and stardust where it is needed on so many days

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