Thursday, August 20, 2015


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      Just when I think the pain of 18 years has lessened
      it crops up among tears and hugs
      and boundless love
      a bridge that is always there
      between me and my family
      Rick Page had assured me countless times
      to never let go
      never give up hope
      and above all remember to let your love shine through
      so I hold my heart out
      eyes half closed
      half fearful of rejection
      and then Noah sits on my lap
      points to Fiddler crabs
      and it is all okay again
      I hug Alex close
      like hugging a giant tree
      feeling his warmth and love flow through us
      like water for water
      tomorrow dogs in tow
      we will paddle board and kayak
      splash water
      tell scary shark stories
      and feel the currents that twist and turn us all
      in the end though
      we will make it safely back to shore
      stronger and more assured than ever before

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