Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Waning Moon

I look at a sky full of stars 
or are the stars full of sky
i wonder at the glow of colors
painting in my mind
stars of Vincent Van Gogh
Today a small package arrived
inside a silver necklace
with a single feather
the sender not knowing what this would mean for me
a sign from Rick Page?
He follows gently in my footprints in the sand
holds my gloved hand
while I gently turn over a baby loggerhead turtle
he feels my wonder at this birth
and then the death of a star
racing across the sky
in a blaze of gold and green
I hold my breath
make a wish and then turn it back in my mind
because wishing will not make it so
instead, I whisper a quiet blessing
for the journey of the turtle
star lit waters baptizing each baby
I wash the sand from my feet
close my eyes and feel him surrounding me
in the light of a waning moon

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