Friday, August 14, 2015

Turtle Night

Only for tonight
I will share with you
a magical night on the beach
water changing from hues of green and blue
people waiting in chairs
anticipating that the drop in the sand
of a turtle nest we are watching
means life hovers below
as the night darkens
we are enthralled with the meteor showers
and then a sudden change in the nest
Viki likes to say the sand gets fluffy
and a sandy turtle head appears
waits, while we hold our breaths
then the boil of flippers, fins, heads and shells
66 in all
with red lights we guide them
down the man made trench
capturing this swarming mass in a sand encrusted cooler
it is too far to the white capped waves
we release tangled bodies into water
so warm it feels like a tepid bath
one lone turtle still in the cooler'
I check and with gloved hand
release him into a shallow water
it is a breathtaking birth
we observer and help where we can
I see a trail of a meteor
green glow and I know Rick Page
sees and knows it all
he sends another shooting star
the turtle boil is over
we drive home wondering at the wideness of our world
and how such a life giving moment
helps us treasure every breath we take

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